Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted hearing systems specifically designed for people with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss. Cochlear implants enable people to overcome hearing loss connected to inner ear problems by taking over the role of the hair cells and successfully transmitting the signal to the brain. Cochlear implants consist of two parts: an implant and an externally worn audio processor. Getting a cochlear implant is a chance to overcome hearing loss!


Cochlear Implant System recommendations

Based on the long first-hand experience that the members of the Cochlear Implants Austria (CIA) community share and based on the expert opinion of the association’s president, we recommend MED-EL´s SYNCHRONY cochlear implants. This type of cochlear implant can be combined with two different audio processors: the RONDO 3 single-unit processor or the SONNET 2 behind-the-ear processor which are both presented below.

  • SYNCHRONY cochlear implants by MED-EL have shown great performance and reliability, which is why our CIA members simply love them. The SYNCHRONY differentiates itself from other systems through the natural sound experience it provides and through its atraumatic electrode arrays which are customized for each user to offer the ideal solution for everyone.

    • Most natural hearing experience thanks to innovative technology

    • Adaptability to future developments

    • MRI safety up to 3.0 Tesla

    For cochlear implant candidates, reliability and safety are key criteria when choosing the implant as the implant is the part of the hearing system that will be inside the patient´s body for years. MED-EL implants have been manufactured in Innsbruck, Austria, for 30 years in compliance with the strictest quality control standards.

    Synchrony cochlear implant
  • The RONDO 3 is MED-EL’s single-unit audio processor which offers completely wireless and simple handling. This modern audio processor provides great sound quality, music and telephone streaming options, and wireless charging.

    • Modern design with over 30 different covers

    • Compatibility with all MED-EL cochlear implants produced since 1994 and with any model of contralateral hearing aid.

    • Background noise reduction

    Enjoy the comfort and simplicity of all-day hearing with this audio processor! It adapts to the sound environment you are in, thereby providing ideal performance in each situation.

    RONDO 3
  • SONNET 2 is MED-EL´s latest behind-the-ear audio processor. It provides great sound quality and adapts to the users´individual preferences, thus being the perfect choice for both children and adults.

    • Automatic adjustment of settings to match the environment the user is currently in

    • Reduction of the background noise and any unexpected loud sounds

    • Use of special technology to provide every sound in its natural shape

    • Compatibility with all MED-EL cochlear implants produced since 1994 and with any model of contralateral hearing aid

    SONNET 2 settings, such as volume and program, can be adjusted directly from your smartphone. This audio processor comes with many different design possibilities to match the individual hair color and taste and can be combined with many different accessories such as water protection for swimming and streaming covers.

    SONNET 2

Choosing the right Cochlear Implant System

There are several criteria that need to be taken into account when choosing a cochlear implant, such as natural hearing experience, preservation of residual hearing, reliability, and compatibility with different medical examination methods. We made a list of important selection criteria for you below.


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