From hearing aids to hearing implants

All ears are unique! That´s why you should seek the perfect solution for yourself! Different types of hearing loss are treated with different solutions. For milder cases, hearing aids should usually offer help; for those with severe to profound hearing loss, with a special type of hearing loss or with complete deafness, hearing implants should be considered. For children born with hearing impairment, hearing implants pave the way for nearly normal language developement and a life full of opportunities. So if you have a hearing problem, the first step is to get your hearing tested by an ENT specialist, who will determine the type and severity of your hearing loss.

Hearing solutions overview

There are various hearing solutions for people with different types and degrees of hearing loss. Find out how exactly they work and when they are used. Restore hearing and improve the quality of your life!

Hearing Implants

Other Hearing Systems

  • Bone Conduction Systems do not require surgery and are worn behind the ear. They are comfortable, easy to use and represent an ideal hearing solution for both babies and children and adults with conductive hearing loss.

In 2020, I finally entered the hearing world with my first CI! As long as you live in the comfort of your loving family, everyone takes care of you. But now as I live alone, I feel much better with the implants!

Gabriele W., CI-User

When I take a look back at my life, I am incredibly grateful that my parents took the (at that time) courageous step of fitting me with a cochlear implant. I would not even like to imagine my life without hearing!

Max B., CI-User, born deaf