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Science of Hearing Implants

There is always great news in the development and research around cochlear implants: Technological innovations, studies and research findings – read interesting scientific articles on hearing implant systems here!

Hearing aid or hearing implant?

The results with hearing implants and with conventional hearing aids are constantly improving and the limits of use of these different systems are in a constant change.

Bimodal streaming options with Galaxy

With the current generation of Samsung smartphones, you can talk on the phone or listen to music with both ears at the same time - even if you hear with a cochlear implant on one and a hearing aid on the other side!

Hearing implants – made in Austria

For over 30 years, MED-EL is an internationally renowned example of synthesis of research and development in medical technology. A new compendium provides an exciting overview of the most important research areas of the company.

Hearing with a Cochlear Implant

Scientific evidence managed to cofirm that it was possible to understand speech with a cochlear implant flawlessly. But the question "HOW naturally do the users hear?" remained unanswered.

The Future of Cochlear Implants

Manufacturers of cochlear implants are announcing many innovations for the next few years. On the other hand, users' requests seem almost modest: simple audio accessories and more focus on music.

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