Middle Ear Implant

Middle ear implants are suitable for people who would benefit from amplification but, for some reason, cannot wear conventional hearing aids. Middle ear implants leave the ear canal free, thereby preventing ear infections which might be experienced by some hearing aid users. This type of implant is used for the treatment of mild to more severe cases of sensorineural hearing loss, and for the treatment of conductive or mixed hearing loss. It consists of two parts: an externally worn audio processor and an implant which is placed under the skin behind the ear.


Middle Ear Implant System recommendations

Based on the experience of our users, we recomend the MED-EL VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE middle ear implant which comes together with the cutting-edge SAMBA 2 audio processor.

  • The VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE middle ear implant by MED-EL offers clear sound and natural hearing experience. This is possible due to its unique design, which allows to conduct the sound directly into the inner ear, thereby overcoming problems in other parts of the ear.

    • Single-point attachment of the implant keeps delicate ear structures safe.

    • Most modern design and wearing comfort

    • MRI safety up to 1.5 Tesla

    For any hearing implant candidate, reliability and safety are key when choosing an implant, which has made the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE establish as the most successful middle ear implant for more than 20 years. It also offers perfect stability and leaves the skin intact.

  • The newest generation of SAMBA audio processors by MED-EL, the SAMBA 2, offers the most modern and simple hearing experience by adjusting to the environment you’re in and thereby offering the best hearing experience in any situation.

    • One of the lightest audio processors on the market with only 9.3g, including battery and magnet

    • Sound adapter and smart memory of your hearing setting preferences

    • Background noise reduction and speech tracking of a person talking to you, no matter where they stand

    The SAMBA 2 is comfortable and thin, it doesn´t stick out and can be worn under the hair. There are different covers for it to match your hair color or outfit. There are also accessoires, such as the SAMBA2GO, which enable hands-free phone calls and the use of remote microphones and FM systems.


Choosing the right Middle Ear Implant

There are many reasons why one should think about a middle ear implant as a possible solution in the case of hearing loss. We made a list of the most important points to consider below:


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