Electro-acoustic stimulation (EAS) systems are designed for specific problems hearing high-pitched sounds and understanding speech (although low pitches can still be heard) – problems that characterize high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss. EAS stimulates the cochlea for high-pitched sounds and amplifies the low- pitched sounds by using hearing aid technology, thus enabling the user to hear the full range of sounds while preserving the still existing hearing.


EAS systems recommendations

The cochlear implant used in MED-EL EAS systems called SYNCHRONY is an absolute favourite of our cochlear implant users!

  • SYNCHRONY cochlear implants by MED-EL have shown great performance and reliability, which is why our CIA members simply love them. The SYNCHRONY differentiates itself from other systems through the natural sound experience it provides and through its atraumatic electrode arrays which are customized for each user to offer the ideal solution for everyone.

    • Most natural hearing experience thanks to innovative technology

    • Adaptability to future developments

    • MRI safety up to 3.0 Tesla

    For cochlear implant candidates, reliability and safety are key criteria when choosing the implant as the implant is the part of the hearing system that will be inside the patient´s body for years. MED-EL implants have been manufactured in Innsbruck, Austria, for 30 years in compliance with the strictest quality control standards.

    Synchrony cochlear implant
  • The SONNET EAS is an audio processor especially designed for Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS), i.e. to fit both the cochlear implant and the hearing aid technology. It picks up the sounds and sends them to both the system for low and the system for high pitched sounds.

    • Adapts to the environment you are in

    • Reduces background noise

    • Offers natural hearing experience thanks to innovative sound coding technology

    Additionally, this audio processor comes with many modern options that bring joy, such as simple, wireless streaming options to enjoy music or phone calls in high quality. It is waterproof, has a long-lasting battery and comes with many modern design options.


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