Free music-based hearing training for CI users

MED-EL provides all MED-EL hearing system users, their caregivers and interested professionals with a free user subscription for MELUDIA music training.

MELUDIA is a speech-independent online hearing training program. It trains the perception of musical parameters. This has a proven effect on speech comprehension, especially in conversations in noisy environments.
Members of myMED-EL can also use this platform to access MELUDIA exercises specifically for people with hearing impairments. The annual subscription is even free of charge for myMED-EL users and can also be extended free of charge! MELUDIA online training is suitable for adults, young people and children from pre-school age.

Not only for musicians and music enthusiasts

MELUDIA was originally intended as an exercise program for active musicians and music enthusiasts. However, together with MED-EL, the inventors of the exercise program developed a special exercise area for people with hearing impairments, especially for cochlear implant users.

The exercises designed specifically for cochlear implant users are accessed via the free myMED-EL user platform. This free platform is open to users of hearing systems and their caregivers as well as professionals who work with users of hearing implants. In combination with streaming accessories such as AudioLink, MELUDIA can also be used specifically with one or both CI audio processors, without disturbing ambient noise.

The tried-and-tested promotion is being extended indefinitely!

At the Sound Sensation event in 2022, MED-EL launched a promotion that was originally limited to one year: a free one-year subscription to MELUDIA for all interested MED-EL users, their caregivers and professionals involved. The campaign, which ended in October 2023, received a very positive response.

For this reason, the offer for the free subscription has now been extended for an indefinite period. Expired free subscriptions can also be extended free of charge. Interested parties can register free of charge at myMED-EL. Once you have been approved, you can activate your free subscription to MELUDIA straight away and start practicing!