The venue for this year’s EURO-CIU Symposium is Vienna!

This year, CIA is organizing the 14th symposium of the EURO-CIU, the European Association of Cochlear Implant Users, in Vienna. Be part of it!

The European Association of CI Users, also known as EURO-CIU, was founded in 1995. CIA was one of the founding members. The mission of the EURO-CIU is to facilitate access to cochlear implants through education and research for Europeans who could benefit from CIs.

Today, 33 associations from 25 countries are members of the EURO-CIU, as well as a number of individuals. Every two years, the Europe-wide association organizes a symposium at which medical and scientific experts as well as CI users themselves have the opportunity to share their thoughts. Each time, the symposium takes place in a different member country, this year on April 5, 2024, it will be held in Vienna.

Medicine, hearing rehabilitation and everyday life with CI

The program of this year's symposium, entitled "Steps on the way to hearing with CIs", includes presentations by experts in cochlear implantation and rehabilitation, testimonials from CI users - including some CIA members - and mixed discussion panels. Topics include hearing screening, indications for cochlear implantation, music, rehabilitation issues, everyday challenges with a CI and possible solutions to these challenges.

The symposium and the accompanying supporting program are open to all interested parties. The registration fee for the symposium is limited to the cost of refreshments during the breaks, the supporting program is subject to additional payment.

Register now! Secure your room!

The symposium hosted by CIA will take place on April 5, 2024 in Vienna at the hotel Novotel Hauptbahnhof, with a welcome reception on April 4. The detailed program and registration form can be found at

Participants with a longer journey can also find two hotel recommendations for an overnight stay there: Rooms are reserved there for symposium participants until February 22, 2024. So don't miss out on booking your stay! We look forward to your visit!