RONDO 3 – an audio processor with two microphones

The new Cochlear Implant Audio processor RONDO 3 combines simple handling and wireless battery operation of the single-unit audio processor with innovative, state of the art sound processing and compatibility with modern audio technology. With the RONDO 3, single unit processors are clearly in the fast lane with the Cochlear Implant.

Users enthuse about the sound processing with natural directional feature, automatic volume adjustment and automatic situation recognition – “I could chat without any problems in the wine tavern, even though there was an accordionist playing next to us“ or “with four of us in the car, it was possible to talk even with the radio on“, and about the damping of otherwise annoying background noises: “If a door slams, or a lorry drives by, the audio processor moderates these noises.“ This impressive sound quality and hearing comfort can also be expected with the RONDO 3, both of which lead to trouble-free understanding of speech: “That makes me more relaxed in everyday life.“

The RONDO 3 combines the impressive processing parameters of the current behind the ear processor with the advantages of a Single-Unit device. Off-the-ear devices appeal not just to wearers of spectacles and sunglasses fans. Many Cochlear Implant users hear via a hearing aid in the other ear. It is important for compatibility between hearing aid and Cochlear Implant that the Cochlear Implant system stimulates the auditory nerve at the place at the right time. The MED-EL Triformance technology offers the ideal provision for this. A new and unique additional function in the RONDO 3 supports combination with any hearing aid and so makes the RONDO 3 an unmatched Cochlear Implant partner for any hearing aid.

RONDO 3 - new single-unit audio processor with two microphones.

RONDO 3 – a new single-unit audio processor with two microphones.

Two Microphones and Lots of Extras

Users are used to usually having to sacrifice one or other function of the larger behind the ear processors for a compact construction in Single Unit processors. The RONDO 3 by contrast, offers the same state of the art sound processing and the full range of accessories as its “big brother”, SONNET 2, despite its compact construction. Like this – and like the Single-Unit audio processors for Vibrant Soundbridge and Bonebridge: SAMBA and SAMBA 2 – the RONDO 3 has two microphones. Together with omni-directional sound pick-up and pick-up orientated to the front or to the speech source, MED-EL audio processors are the only ones to offer a special directional feature, orientated on the natural function of the human ear.

The FineTuner Echo, remote control and function tester in one, is just as compatible with the RONDO 3 as the smartphone application AudioKey for controlling the audio processor or the application Audio2Ear as a flexible streaming app. conventional FM systems can be integrated via an external battery compartment. The RONDO 3 itself offers an integrated input for wireless reception of induction signals, also called tele loop. The universal AudioLink also enables wireless allrounder reception by Bluetooth, for users of the RONDO 3, replaces the hand-free kit for the smartphone serves as an external microphone.

Simple Handling Every Day

The downside to many Single-Unit processors is a certain insecurity in holding. The RONDO 3 counters this challenge with strong magnets which hold the exceptionally light construction in place. Geoffrey Ball confirms the success: “I have worn the RONDO 3 when bowling, cycling, on the bus, playing golf, driving, shopping, on the way to work and home… and it has stayed on firmly all the time.“ Three different holding clips and an Activity Clip are also available.

The integrated battery can be charges wirelessly within there hours and then provides energy to the audio processor for up to 24 hours. If it needs to go through the night, the RONDO 3 can even be re-charged using a powerbank whilst it is being used, without any interruption to hearing. The processor, with its waterproof design, with which brief immersion is possible without any additional protective cover[1], is also suitable for longer swimming and snorkelling with the WaterWear that goes with it.

The more than thirty different covers in various colours and patterns can be easily changed as desired by the user. In combination with the leading sound processing, the RONDO 3 enables automatically adjusted hearing pleasure with an individual appearance – possible for all MED-EL Cochlear Implant users from autumn 2020.

[1] RONDO 3 ist entsprechend Schutzklasse IP68 geprüft: bis zu einer Stunde maximal ein Meter unter Wasser.