Bone Conduction Systems

Bone Conduction Systems are non-implantable hearing solutions used for the treatment of mild conductive hearing loss when the sound cannot be successfully transmitted to the inner ear. They are worn on the hairless area behind the ear. Bone conduction systems are a simple and effective solution for this type of hearing loss without the need for surgery!


Bone Conduction System recommendations

Our recommendation is the ADHEAR bone conduction system by MED-EL which uses the most modern technology and requires no surgery!

  • The ADHEAR system by MED-EL is the only non-implantable bone conduction system. It exerts no pressure onto the skin and is comfortable to wear all day long. It is made of two parts: an adhesive adapter and an audio processor. It sticks behind the ear and is easy to switch on with just one click. The ADHEAR is also a possible solution for toddlers waiting for an implantation with a bone conduction implant and for patients suffering from temporary bone conduction hearing loss which might, for example, be related to frequent middle-ear infections.

    • No surgery required

    • Offers optimal sound quality and is suitable for all ages, including babies and toddlers

    • Very comfortable to wear and easy to hide under the hair

    • Long battery life up to 300 hours

    As these systems are non-implantable, it is possible to put on the device and start hearing immediately. This means you can also try it out first and see if you can hear well with it before you make a decision.


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