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When parents accompany their child born deaf on their journey to hearing

By choosing a cochlear implant as a solution for their deaf child, the parents open the door to a world of sound for their child, paving the way to barrier-free education and ultimately enabling them to live a happy, promising and independent life.

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Cochlear implant – care for babies and young children

Cochlear Implant

When new parents receive a diagnosis of “profound hearing loss” or even “deafness” in their child, they are profoundly shocked. But thanks to the latest medical technology – the cochlear implant, the newborn can receive help. More about this technical marvel:

Information platform

If parents decide to have a cochlear implant for their child, optimal therapeutic and educational support is also an important part of the journey. Comprehensive information that parents need on this journey with their child can be found on the information platform Leben mit hoerverlust.at


In addition to in-depth consultations with specialists, contact with other parents of affected children or experienced users of cochlear implants is of great importance, especially at the beginning of the journey.

What is a cochlear implant?

A potential hearing impairment must be diagnosed as soon as possible and further steps must be taken. Then it may be necessary to consider possible medical and technical solutions. In the case of deafness or severe hearing impairment, the cochlear implant is the right choice!

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