As opposed to some other bone conduction implants, the implantable part of MED-EL´s BONEBRIDGE implant system is placed completely under the skin, which makes it a perfect fit for users. This means that you won´t have open wounds because of your implant and that you won´t need to have any special routines to keep your skin healthy. It is comfortable to wear and easy to hide under the hair. Delivering the sound directly to the bone, without any skin in between, enables unfiltered sound quality for the complete frequency range.

  • Easy implant maintenance thanks to being completely under the skin

  • Light and comfortable audio processor coming with different design covers

  • MRI safety up to 1.5 Tesla with no surgery required

The BONEBRIDGE reflects years of experience in the production of under-the-skin bone conduction implant systems, which were first released by MED-EL. And most importantly, it offers great natural sound quality and is compatible with future technological development.