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User Stories2022-01-20T12:52:34+01:00

Hearing implant users

Read inspiring personal stories of the users of hearing implants. Learn more about their own experience with cochlear implants, middle ear implants, EAS and bone conduction systems and their journey back to hearing, as well as about the new quality of life that hearing (again) brought to them.

Practising inclusion at school

How well the school will go for children with cochlear implants depends on several factors. The persistence of the parents is one of them.

Audio streaming for CI rehabilitation

While university professor Dr.Florian Eibensteiner was suffering from unilateral deafness which resulted from mumps disease, one of his former students was developing better connection options for CI audio processors.

Teenager with BONEBRIDGE experience

For almost six years now, Philipp uses a BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant in his left ear. Recently, he even uses bone conduction for music in his healthy ear.

Mental training for easier life with hearing implant

After health problems, mental training has not only helped Mag. Peter Kmetyko return to the top with his bike, but it has also helped him cope better with hearing problems and learn to live with his BONEBRIDGE implant.

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