When hearing aids don’t help anymore

Hearing aids can be a great solution for hearing problems in many situations and for longer periods of time. But, it can sometimes happen that they become insufficient and can’t help you anymore. In those cases, hearing implants can bring your hearing back to life! In comparison to common hearing aids, hearing implants can successfully overcome moderate to profound hearing loss.


Hearing aid vs. hearing implant

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that work by amplifying sounds, which means that they make sounds louder and this way help a person with hearing loss hear better. They are worn behind the ear or inside the ear and can be taken off. Hearing aids are used for mild to moderate cases of hearing loss.
On the other hand, hearing implants come in as an ideal option in cases where hearing aids cannot help in a right way anymore. Also, hearing implants are a great solution for people with more severe cases of hearing loss and those who have problems in a certain part of the ear, that hearing aids cannot overcome. These devices are surgically implanted and present a long-term hearing solution.
So, depending on a type and severity of hearing loss, your health care professional will give you the right advice about the possible solution for your hearing problem!


Hearing with hearing implant

Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants directly stimulate the inner ear, as they bypass the problems in the ear and send the sounds to the auditory nerve directly.  These devices enable users to hear again and perceive the sounds around them, listen to music and enjoy the social interactions.
The high costs of hearing implants are usually named as a main drawback of CIs – however, this is not necessarily the case. There are many financing options and the insurance can cover certain part or total costs of a cochlear implant, depending on the country. For more information about costs of cochlear implants in your country – contact us directly.

Learn more about implantable hearing solutions

There are various hearing solutions for people with different types and degrees of hearing loss. Find out how exactly they work and when they are used. Restore hearing and improve the quality of your life!

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