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Musical Training for Brain Health!

Cue the music! Did you know that the brain benefits of playing a musical instrument last even into old age? Older adult musicians with hearing loss pick up sound more quickly and accurately than younger non-musicians. Since music activates several

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Save Your Ears (& thank me later!)

Noisy Bar

We are seeing more and more people in the food/beverage and entertainment industry with noise-induced hearing loss due to daily exposure to noise at their events. Here are some tips to keep hearing aids at bay. 1. Be smart and

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Thanks for Asking!

Movie Actor

Q: My friend is nagging me because I always have the Netflix captions turned on. The truth is it’s not always clear. But then I got wondering. I am kind of young… is it normal to rely on captions? A:

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Fun-Fact Friday: “Ear Worms”

Ear worms… you know those catchy tunes that keep playing in your head long after the music stops? Why do some songs get stuck in our heads more than others? Studies show thatĀ songs labeledĀ as Ear Worms (compared to songs that

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