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Hearing Care for our friends with Vision Impairment

We all know someone with age-related vision impairment– whether it’s glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or cataracts. Did you know that our eyes also assist in “hearing” a complete message by supplementing with lipreading/facial expressions? Leading ophthalmologists have told me that many of their patients also suffer

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Best In Class Innovation!


Most of the myths that you’ve heard about hearing aids are just myths. Modern medicine is seamlessly re-connecting our patients to the sounds they love, without the squealing or bulkiness of the past. To quote one of our patients, “Boy,

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Hear better, laugh better!

Happy Boy Laughing

The joke sounds best the first time around. Care for your ears and we will help you hear the punchline!

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Wedding Fun, Safe & In-Style!

Dr. Hadassah Kupfer With Child Wearing Hearing Protection

When little Liora Kupfer swaps her tiara for her BabyBanz to safely enjoy some good wedding jamming 🙂 Adult wedding guests were also offered foam earplugs, compliments of our office. Not one pair was left by the end of the

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Seven Self Care Behaviors Infographic

Having diabetes doubles your risk for hearing loss. Protect your hearing for longer by taking control of your diabetes! An annual hearing evaluation can help track any changes that may be happening to your ears.

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Thanks for Asking!

Movie Actor

Q: My friend is nagging me because I always have the Netflix captions turned on. The truth is it’s not always clear. But then I got wondering. I am kind of young… is it normal to rely on captions? A:

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M is for Memory

M is for Memory. “What was that last thing my husband asked me to pick up from the store?” “How often did the doctor say I should take this medication?” If you consistently have trouble remembering pieces of information that

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