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Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, an 87-year old woman visited our practice for a hearing consultation. She expected to be shuffled from room to room and treated like another number, just like every other medical appointment she’s ever been to.  

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Aging Prevention

Aging Prevention: It’s not just about Botox. Depriving yourself of good hearing and interactions ages your brain prematurely. Take care of your body and mind by scheduling your annual hearing exam and treating any hearing loss without delay. With today’s

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We Love Happy Patients!

Still Life Painting Of Fruit

Our goal is to leave a lasting effect on our patients’ lives. Thank you to this satisfied patient/companion nonagenarian duo who gave me a card featuring an original still life painting from their own collection! How did they know I

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In Wonder!

Julia Roberts-Wonder

When I originally saw the trailer for #WonderTheMovie, I right away recognized that the main character “Auggie” (to the right of his mom, Julia Roberts) has #TreacherCollinsSyndrome. Many adults stress about the stigma of wearing hearing aids, taking for granted that they have

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Pinktober is coming to a close!

Oticon Celebrates 10 Years With Oticon Pink

We are proudly participating in #Pinktober, National Breast Cancer #Awareness month. Have you spotted any of our patients rocking their #pink hearing aids? The makers of this #limited-edition pink hearing aid are donating a portion of sales to the National Breast Cancer Coalition for the rest of

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U is for Urgency

Carpe Diem

For some reason, when it comes to hearing loss, the overwhelming majority of people put off taking care of themselves. It just does not seem urgent, dangerous, or particularly exciting. This leads the average person to wait 6-7 years from

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Q is for Quiet


You might take the sounds around you for granted, but the world is a very quiet place for some people. When they re-hear the sound of a baby’s laugh… the birds chirping… the calming spray of a water fountain… or

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O is for Obesity

Burger And Soda Holding Hands With a Guy - Cartoon

Now that the holidays are approaching, keep in mind that too many extra pounds puts one at a higher risk for hearing loss. In addition- what the treadmill does for physical fitness, hearing aids and sustained communication can accomplish for mental

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N is also for: New Technology

Did you know that when you put the phone up to your ear, the hearing aid can give a fuller, clearer sound by automatically sending the sound into your other ear as well? Have you heard about the hearing aid that

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H is for Home Visits

  Shockingly, only 1 in 4 people who could benefit from audiology services actually receive appropriate care. Much of this has to do with lack of accessibility, especially when there are so many other pressing health concerns! However, maintaining your sense of hearing supports

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