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Best In Class Innovation!


Most of the myths that you’ve heard about hearing aids are just myths. Modern medicine is seamlessly re-connecting our patients to the sounds they love, without the squealing or bulkiness of the past. To quote one of our patients, “Boy,

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What our patients are saying about us…

Embracing The Life New Improved Hearing Can Give

Every office should be like this! You don’t see this anymore, the individual attention. This is exactly what I need.

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Fun-Fact Friday: “Ear Worms”

Ear worms… you know those catchy tunes that keep playing in your head long after the music stops? Why do some songs get stuck in our heads more than others? Studies show thatĀ songs labeledĀ as Ear Worms (compared to songs that

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N is for Noise

Dinner Party With Guests

Can you guess the #1 hearing complaint? Wait, what did you say? Boys? Toys? Ohhhh- you said noise! Restaurants, lecture halls, and busy work meetings with several talkers can all pose a challenge due to many competing sounds distorting and

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