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Audio streaming for CI rehabilitation


While university professor Dr.Florian Eibensteiner was suffering from unilateral deafness which resulted from mumps disease, one of his former students was developing better connection options for CI audio processors.

Audio streaming for CI rehabilitation2022-11-09T14:59:01+01:00

Hearing implants – made in Austria


For over 30 years, MED-EL is an internationally renowned example of synthesis of research and development in medical technology. A new compendium provides an exciting overview of the most important research areas of the company.

Hearing implants – made in Austria2021-12-02T16:46:49+01:00

Hearing with a Cochlear Implant


Scientific evidence managed to cofirm that it was possible to understand speech with a cochlear implant flawlessly. But the question "HOW naturally do the users hear?" remained unanswered.

Hearing with a Cochlear Implant2021-12-02T15:54:05+01:00

The role of father in early development


The distribution of mother and father roles has changed in our society in recent years. However, the strengths of fathers are still not sufficiently used in the early support of children with hearing impairment.

The role of father in early development2021-10-07T11:51:49+02:00
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