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Cochlear implant for babies


When new parents receive the diagnosis "profound hearing loss" in their child, they are usually shocked. But thanks to the latest medical technology and cochlear implants, there is a solution for it! 

Cochlear implant for babies2022-08-01T14:54:12+02:00

With cochlear implant design against stigma


Functionality and attractive design of visible parts of cochlear implants help the acceptance of hearing aids, making it easier for the affected to live with it and for the candidates to make their decision.

With cochlear implant design against stigma2022-01-21T11:18:52+01:00

Hearing implants – made in Austria


For over 30 years, MED-EL is an internationally renowned example of synthesis of research and development in medical technology. A new compendium provides an exciting overview of the most important research areas of the company.

Hearing implants – made in Austria2021-12-02T16:46:49+01:00
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