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Still not sure what your brain has to do with your hearing?

Here’s the fact: Even the latest smartphone out there will mess up on your dictated text messages sometimes. It just cannot process sound the way us humans can. Think of your phone’s analysis of your voice as the EARS =

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Best In Class Innovation!


Most of the myths that you’ve heard about hearing aids are just myths. Modern medicine is seamlessly re-connecting our patients to the sounds they love, without the squealing or bulkiness of the past. To quote one of our patients, “Boy,

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Guests And Conversations You Can Hear

This holiday season, hear your best and feel your best! Don’t forget look out for your family members who may be falling behind in the conversation and offer them the support they need to take steps towards better hearing. Turn

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Fun-Fact Friday: “Ear Worms”

Ear worms… you know those catchy tunes that keep playing in your head long after the music stops? Why do some songs get stuck in our heads more than others? Studies show thatĀ songs labeledĀ as Ear Worms (compared to songs that

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M is for Memory

M is for Memory. “What was that last thing my husband asked me to pick up from the store?” “How often did the doctor say I should take this medication?” If you consistently have trouble remembering pieces of information that

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