Hearing Health

Roughly 48 million Americans (20%) report some degree of hearing loss. At age 65, one in three people have hearing loss, and while technology in the hearing industry has improved significantly, we find that many people don’t receive routine hearing exams. It’s important to have regular hearing exams, especially as you age, so that more serious conditions can be ruled out. While hearing loss isn’t reversible, your Audiologist will determine the cause of your hearing loss, which may help you slow the progression and choose an appropriate treatment.

Here we will help educate you on how the ear works, information about hearing loss and ways to protect your hearing.

How the Ear Works

Often an afterthought, the ear is a complex and robust system.

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About Hearing Loss

There are many different degrees of hearing loss, along with several different types of hearing loss.

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Protect Your Hearing

The degree of hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds is painless, progressive and permanent.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Unfortunately, there are no known cures for Tinnitus, but many people have reduced their symptoms by treating the underlying cause of it.

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