Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, an 87-year old woman visited our practice for a hearing consultation. She expected to be shuffled from room to room and treated like another number, just like every other medical appointment she’s ever been to.
Here’s what she got instead:
1) She was warmly escorted straight into the consultation room. She skipped the waiting room entirely.
2) A lovely conversation where Mrs. A was encouraged to share about her rich South American heritage and some of her life experiences.
3) A quick and efficient hearing exam.
4) A thorough, unrushed explanation of why her particular hearing issue causes her struggles and how we can change this.
5) An optimistic plan for treatment. She chose hearing devices which will powerfully restore her hearing clarity, while remaining nearly invisible in her ears.
And the beautiful woman left my office for the day feeling invigorated and grateful that she chose our practice. To be continued! 🙂
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