Olympics 2018!

Conquering your hearing loss may seem like a far-off goal, but we encourage you to #goforgold!

Let us help you achieve your very own personal victory, and hear in ways you didn’t think were possible.

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Superbowl 2018!

Congratulations to the #PhiladelphiaEagles upon their #victory in #SuperbowlLII! Nick #Foles wins in our book for bringing awareness to children’s hearing protection. Rock on, Lily! (…and Baby Eli enjoyed the game on the home front) #millbasinaudiologist #awareness #sporting#noiselevels #dangerousdecibels

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Hearing Loss & Family Tensions

Hearing loss pushes family members to get involved in seeking treatment for their loved ones– much more than they would normally for other medical conditions.

All of that frustration from loud TV’s, impossible phone calls, bungled social encounters and emotional drain takes a toll, to the point where hearing loss is affecting the entire family.

Does this sound familiar? May be time to visit the audiologist…

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The New Baby Has Arrived!

Welcome to the family, Baby Eli! (Eliyahu Tzvi/Logan Harry, born beginning of January 2018 B”H) Thank you to all of the wonderful wishes from our patients and friends. Just wanted to share some sunshine on this rainy day! 

***Dr. Kupfer is currently returning all messages and accepting appointments for February.***

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Aging Prevention

Aging Prevention: It’s not just about Botox.

Depriving yourself of good hearing and interactions ages your brain prematurely.

Take care of your body and mind by scheduling your annual hearing exam and treating any hearing loss without delay.

With today’s hearing technology, you can keep your good looks and youthful spirit alive!

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We Love Happy Patients!

Our goal is to leave a lasting effect on our patients’ lives. Thank you to this satisfied patient/companion nonagenarian duo who gave me a card featuring an original still life painting from their own collection! How did they know I love a good piece of artwork 

**Posted with permission**

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This holiday season, hear your best and feel your best! Don’t forget look out for your family members who may be falling behind in the conversation and offer them the support they need to take steps towards better hearing. Turn frustration into joy. It all begins here! #thanksgiving #millbasinaudiologist#brainhealth #preciousmoments #family

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In Wonder!

When I originally saw the trailer for #WonderTheMovie, I right away recognized that the main character “Auggie” (to the right of his mom, Julia Roberts) has #TreacherCollinsSyndrome. Many adults stress about the stigma of wearing hearing aids, taking for granted that they have a fully formed ear in which to hide a high tech gadget that will boost their hearing. When you see this movie, you will realize that there are also kids who are born without much of an ear (and much bigger social challenges for that matter)! Luckily we have unique technology to fit these special ears and I had the privilege of managing children such as Auggie at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in NYC. These children are celebrated for their strengths and taught to develop workarounds for their limitations. Hearing loss comes in many forms, some more invisible than others. There is always hope! 

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Check out this week’s Mill Marine Courier!

Thank you to the Mill Marine Courier for featuring our practice in this week’s paper and highlighting some of expertise. Now you can get the service you need and the advice you can trust, just a few minutes away from your home! #millbasin #audiologist #hearingaids #healthyears Daily news CNG

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Lions and Tigers and Crunching, Oh My!

Imagine that starstruck moment when you hear the crunch of the leaves for the first time in 30 years. A new lease on life! That was just one of the impressive remarks that a patient had for me at today’s hearing aid follow up appointment!

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