Aging Prevention

Aging Prevention: It’s not just about Botox. Depriving yourself of good hearing and interactions ages your brain prematurely. Take care of your body and mind by scheduling your annual hearing exam and treating any hearing loss without delay. With today’s

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We Love Happy Patients!

Our goal is to leave a lasting effect on our patients’ lives. Thank you to this satisfied patient/companion nonagenarian duo who gave me a card featuring an original still life painting from their own collection! How did they know I

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This holiday season, hear your best and feel your best! Don’t forget look out for your family members who may be falling behind in the conversation and offer them the support they need to take steps towards better hearing. Turn

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In Wonder!

When I originally saw the trailer for #WonderTheMovie, I right away recognized that the main character “Auggie” (to the right of his mom, Julia Roberts) has #TreacherCollinsSyndrome. Many adults stress about the stigma of wearing hearing aids, taking for granted that they have

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Check out this week’s Mill Marine Courier!

Thank you to the Mill Marine Courier for featuring our practice in this week’s paper and highlighting some of expertise. Now you can get the service you need and the advice you can trust, just a few minutes away from

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Lions and Tigers and Crunching, Oh My!

Imagine that starstruck moment when you hear the crunch of the leaves for the first time in 30 years. A new lease on life! That was just one of the impressive remarks that a patient had for me at today’s

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Pinktober is coming to a close!

We are proudly participating in #Pinktober, National Breast Cancer #Awareness month. Have you spotted any of our patients rocking their #pink hearing aids? The makers of this #limited-edition pink hearing aid are donating a portion of sales to the National Breast Cancer Coalition for the rest of

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Wedding Fun, Safe & In-Style!

When little Liora Kupfer swaps her tiara for her BabyBanz to safely enjoy some good wedding jamming 🙂 Adult wedding guests were also offered foam earplugs, compliments of our office. Not one pair was left by the end of the

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Back to School, Back to Health!

We look forward to beginning your fresh start of better hearing with you! Schedule an appointment by calling 917-791-1510 today. Most Insurances Accepted!

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How well are you hearing your doctors?

Studies show that a hearing loss interferes with the ability to understand plans of care and follow medical instructions. Don’t let a hearing loss stand between you and your very best health!

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