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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Guests And Conversations You Can Hear

This holiday season, hear your best and feel your best! Don’t forget look out for your family members who may be falling behind in the conversation and offer them the support they need to take steps towards better hearing. Turn

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In Wonder!

Julia Roberts-Wonder

When I originally saw the trailer for #WonderTheMovie, I right away recognized that the main character “Auggie” (to the right of his mom, Julia Roberts) has #TreacherCollinsSyndrome. Many adults stress about the stigma of wearing hearing aids, taking for granted that they have

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Check out this week’s Mill Marine Courier!

Thank you to the Mill Marine Courier for featuring our practice in this week’s paper and highlighting some of expertise. Now you can get the service you need and the advice you can trust, just a few minutes away from

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Lions and Tigers and Crunching, Oh My!

Enjoying The Sounds Of The Fall Season

Imagine that starstruck moment when you hear the crunch of the leaves for the first time in 30 years. A new lease on life! That was just one of the impressive remarks that a patient had for me at today’s

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