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U is for Urgency

Carpe Diem

For some reason, when it comes to hearing loss, the overwhelming majority of people put off taking care of themselves. It just does not seem urgent, dangerous, or particularly exciting. This leads the average person to wait 6-7 years from

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T is for Tinnitus

Do you have ringing, buzzing, roaring, whooshing or any other unwanted sounds in the ear? More teenagers than ever are experiencing persistent tinnitus, which is a common sign of damage to the ear and typically affects people over age 50. It

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S is for the World’s Smallest

Small Hearing Aid Compares In Size To A Blueberry

Come see it for yourself! We want you to feel confident not only in your hearing abilities, but also in your appearance. This is why we offer the most discreet devices at no additional expense to you. The latest hearing

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Make America Great Again

Congratulations to the President Elect! Our top-notch audiology care and array of solutions will trump your expectations. Hear ye!

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Thank Heaven for Little Girls

#TBT My little apprentice Liora Golda (age 2), getting ready to recommend the best devices for your needs. In her words- “It’s tiny hearing aids!” Well… the really tiny ones, I had to hide from you sweetie

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Baseball Lessons on Hearing Well

2016 World Series Logo

“As soon as I hear the sound of the bat, I know where the ball is going” -Melvin Mora, Baltimore Orioles   It’s known that baseball players rely on the sound of the bat as it connects with the ball

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