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R is for Relationships

Isn’t that what life’s all about? Hearing our family, friends, workmates, doctors, friendly passersby and even our pets… without these connections, it is very difficult to function. When communicating with your loved one becomes a hassle because you need to

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Q is for Quiet


You might take the sounds around you for granted, but the world is a very quiet place for some people. When they re-hear the sound of a baby’s laugh… the birds chirping… the calming spray of a water fountain… or

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P is for Pregnancy & Beyond

Breast Cancer Awareness

Calling all ladies! There are certain hearing losses that are more prevalent among women, due to all those hormonal fluctuations over the course of our menstrual cycles, pregnancies and menopause. This Pinktober, let’s support breast cancer awareness by not overlooking ANY

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O is for Obesity

Burger And Soda Holding Hands With a Guy - Cartoon

Now that the holidays are approaching, keep in mind that too many extra pounds puts one at a higher risk for hearing loss. In addition- what the treadmill does for physical fitness, hearing aids and sustained communication can accomplish for mental

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