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N is also for: New Technology

Did you know that when you put the phone up to your ear, the hearing aid can give a fuller, clearer sound by automatically sending the sound into your other ear as well? Have you heard about the hearing aid that

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N is for Noise

Dinner Party With Guests

Can you guess the #1 hearing complaint? Wait, what did you say? Boys? Toys? Ohhhh- you said noise! Restaurants, lecture halls, and busy work meetings with several talkers can all pose a challenge due to many competing sounds distorting and

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Infant Hearing Matters

This little guy has some Yanni concerts to attend… so he rocks his BabyBanz of course! To quote his mom Yehudith Gellis-Sandorfy, “These Baby Buds are a necessity for weddings, concerts and wherever there is loud music and noise pollution. We do

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M is for Memory

M is for Memory. “What was that last thing my husband asked me to pick up from the store?” “How often did the doctor say I should take this medication?” If you consistently have trouble remembering pieces of information that

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L is for Longer Lifespan

Couple Enjoying Fall

It’s no secret that life expectancy has improved from previous generations. Compare the average lifespan in the US of 69.77 in 1960, to 79.16 in 2015. However, this blessing of added years often brings along chronic health issues, such as

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