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K is for Kids- Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing in Children

Hearing Care Customized For Kids

Why didn’t my child pass the Newborn Hearing Screening? In order to pass the newborn hearing screening, the outer, middle, and inner portions of your baby’s ear must be unobstructed and functioning. A blockage or problem at any one of

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J is for Jokes

What do you do when you are struggling to hear key words or miss the context of a joke? Asking for a joke to be repeated often loses the effect, or you might feel awkward bringing attention to yourself. Missing

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I is for Invisible Handicap

Individuals with hearing loss often struggle quietly, embarrassed to seek help or tell others about their difficulty that is not outwardly obvious. However, this attitude can lead to social isolation and withdrawal, which goes directly against healthy aging.

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H is for Home Visits

  Shockingly, only 1 in 4 people who could benefit from audiology services actually receive appropriate care. Much of this has to do with lack of accessibility, especially when there are so many other pressing health concerns! However, maintaining your sense of hearing supports

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G is for Genetics Lesson

Some numbers for you… hearing loss is genetic 50% of the time (the other 50% is environmental). Nonetheless, more than 90% of kids with hearing loss are born to hearing parents. Why? Each parent has 1 copy of the mutated

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F: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Fluid

Middle Ear

It is most common in children‬ under age 2, and it typically goes away after age 6 as the anatomy matures. The fluid is behind the eardrum‬– inside the body. It does not come from getting bathwater in the ears.

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E is for Earwax

It’s best to keep those hairpins, pens, q-tips and anything else you use, far away from your ear canal. Small items can easily get stuck in the canal or puncture the eardrum. “Tip”: use a wet cloth over your finger,

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D is for Dentists

You know that high pitched sound of the hand drill that most of us cringe from? Well, being around that all day can put your dentist at risk for developing a noise-induced hearing loss. Special hearing protection is available in

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C is for CaptionCall

Having a hard time hearing over the phone, but feeling uneasy about seeking help for just that? We have the perfect tool for you, and it is available at no cost to anyone with a certified hearing loss. Call 917-791-1510

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B is for Baseline Hearing Test

Knowing the current state of your hearing is an excellent tool for the future. If your hearing is determined to be normal, it gives us a reference to identify possible causes of hearing difficulty occurring later on. Or, if your

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